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Interdisciplinary Research Centre


Buildings and Cities:

We have been engaged in business dialogues with people working in construction industries, urban environment and sustainable practices.  This had led to successful program bids related to light and energy management through technical development appropriate to the use of distributed electronics in industrial, commercial and domestic premises.

We have developed deep skills in understanding the contemporary needs and the translation of emerging science for these markets.

A White Paper entitled "A Vision for the 21st Century Built Environment" (available by request) was prepared by CAPE a couple of years ago to illustrate how contemporary development of technology can be brought together within a programme focus which will both credibly progress businesses and assist in meeting societal imperatives.

Energy Efficiency:

Our specific goal is to create specifications and demonstrate feasibility for the manufacture of responsive and high performance functional control structures and panels (both glazing and other) which can be integrated into the built environment.  In so doing, our activity will provide functional elements designed for the 21st century life-styles whilst also improving energy efficiency and use-ability.

Nanjing Professor of Technology and Innovation
Professor Daping  Chu
Not available for consultancy