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Professor Derek Fray FRS, FREng

Research themes

Fossil Fuels, Carbon Capture and Storage:

1.  Examining the possibility of capturing the carbon dioxide evolved from alakaline fuel cells by mineralisation

2.  The use of carbon dioxide to upgrade potassium poor minerals

Nuclear Energy:

1.  Electro-deoxidation of oxides of radioactive elements in molten salts to aid the recycling of used oxide fuel rods.

2.  Electrochemical reduction of uranium oxides, carbides and nitrides in molten salts


1.  Direct reduction of high purity silicon to silicon which can either be directly used or electrorefined to photovoltaic grade silicon.

2. Creating nanoparticles of silicon on the surface of silicon wafers in order to increase the efficiency of light utilisation.

Energy Storage:

1.  Increasing the capacity of the anode in lithium ion batteries by incorporating tin and silicon into carbon nanotubes.


1.  Examining methods of direct reduction of oxides to produce pure metals and alloys and pure oxygen.

2.  Recycling of metallic wastes including electronic scrap

Materials and Chemistry:

Looking at novel methods of materials synthesis either reduce the impact on the environment or to make make materials with improved properties.

Resource Dynamics:

Interested in the availability and processing of critical elements in the creation and storage of energy.