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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Professor Holger Babinsky Professor of Aerodynamics
Professor Jean Bacon Professor of Distributed Systems
Dr Ronita Bardhan
Dr Magda Barecka
Dr. Paul Barker University Associate Professor
Dr. Claire Barlow Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee, Senior Teaching Associate
Charlie Barty-King PhD candidate
Claudio Battilocchio
Professor Jeremy Baumberg Professor of Nanophotonics
Dr Thomas Bennett Research Fellow in the Sciences, Trinity Hall
Callum Benson Senior Commercialisation Associate
Professor Alastair Beresford Professor of Computer Security
Professor Mike Bickle FRS 01223 333484 Professor of Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics
Dr Alan Blackwell Reader in Interdisciplinary Design, Computer Laboratory
Professor Adam Boies Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee, Professor of Nanomaterials and Aerosol Engineering
Professor Adam Branch Professor of International Politics, Director of African Studies
Professor Brendan Burchell Professor in the Social Sciences