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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Professor Robin Langley Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Head of the Mechanics, Materials, and Design Division
Max Langtry
Professor Alexei Lapkin Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering
Amir Lebdioui
Dr Alpha Lee Winton Advanced Research Fellow
Professor Janet Lees Reader in Structural Engineering
Professor Peter J Leggo
Professor Ian Leslie Professor of Computer Science
Dr Ioannis Lestas
Professor Steven Victor Ley
Dr. Jie Li University Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics
Dr. Dongfang Liang University Lecturer in Civil Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Professor Kathryn Lilley
Dr. Kun-Chin Lin Lecturer
Dr Qianqi Lin
Professor Paul Linden G.I Taylor Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Dr Teng Long Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee, Lecturer in Power Electronics