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Dr. Krzysztof Koziol

Dr. Krzysztof Koziol

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Krzysztof Koziol is available for consultancy.

Research Interests

Chirality Control of Carbon Nanotubes

My research work within the Macromolecular Materials Laboratory involves exploration of the synthesis and applications of substrate-bound and gas-phase-grown carbon nanotubes further spun into fibres. My major focus is to understand the chemistry during the nanotube synthesis in order to achieve chirality control.

Synthesis of monochiral carbon nanotubes

This project is intended to explore a new synthesis method discovered during my PhD research that promises chirality control of nanotubes. Although that goal has not yet been reached, using this process multi-walled nanotubes can be made in which each layer shows the same graphene chirality with crystallographic registry between the layers.

High-performance carbon-nanotube fibres for power transmission

I am developing and optimizing different spinning routes for carbon-nanotube fibres with unique chemical structure. Two promising methods are via a liquid crystal base and directly from the gas phase from the reactor. These carbon-nanotube fibres have potential as lightweight materials to deliver high electrical conductivity and high current density.

Mechanical and thermal properties of carbon-nanotube fibres

High strength, stiffness and thermal conductivity are important properties in high-performance materials used in advanced technologies and under extreme conditions. In this project I am exploring different post-spin treatments of the nanotube fibres, involving physical or chemical methods.