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Professor Mike Kelly

Departments and Institutes

Department of Engineering:

Research Interests

My main research is in advanced electronic devices for very high speed operation, but one side-line is the development of a new class of low power consumption devices and circuits, suitable for short hall communications and for surveillance systems.

On the teaching side I have led the development of a 4M18 module in engineering ‘Present at Future Energy Systems’ suitable for 4th year undergraduates and MPhil programmes.  It covers the way that the UK is energised now and how it would need to be in 2050 if the carbon dioxide emission targets are met.

My research in this area is on the many downsides of the current carbon dioxide emission mitigation strategies that are making things worse by ignoring the complete system within which such measures are taken.  The big problem for 2050 is energising mega-cities and only nuclear power and fossil fuels (perhaps with carbon capture and sequestration) produce the supply numbers that come anywhere near satisfying the demand numbers.